Sexologist in Ambala

In Ambala City we are providing world class treatments of all the sex problems of male and female . In males the problems like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Night fall, loss of libido and all sort of female sex problems are treated successfully by our sexologist at Empire Clinics in Ambala City. Our Sexologist in Ambala are providing treatment of all these problems. Patient has to suffer to find a sexologist in Ambala region . They have to depend on some quacks who takes lot of money from the patient. Even after taking too much money they don’t provide good medicine to the patient.

At our clinics we provide treatment from the Ancient formulas given by Charak ,Madava. Charak and Madav are the great heroes of Ayurveda. They have given lot of knowledge about Rasayana and Vajikarna therapy. Ayurveda is the only pathy which gives treatment of sexual problems without any side effects. Herbals medicines are the very much helpful in all these problem. Ayurvedic medicines are mostly made from the herbal extracts and natural ways. These medicines are having god efficacy if prepared under the guidance of a good ayurvedic practioner . These drugs never gives any harm to the patient . They always protects from disease. It gives protection against so many disease. In Ayurveda there is always taken concern for the healthy people as well as unhealthy. It gives so many ways to keep our body healthy. A healthy mind can always live in a healthy body. This is very famous quotation.

To keep our Sexual life good we have to keep our body healthy and disease free which is a great issue these days. Health is the major concern these days. Only few people are worried about their health these days. Obesity is a thing which can be managed by people at their end. One of the biggest myth’s related to obesity today is that it is a genetic issue and no matter what the individual does,  it remains a life-long problem. Obese people are at higher risk anyway for diabetes, depression and urinary stress incontinence, all of which can hinder sex . If people are extremely obese, they might also have muscular or skeletal problems that makes sex challenging. Some experts said the growing obesity epidemic in west would worsen sexual dysfunction problem.

In Ambala we provide counseling and medication for Sexual problems and weight gain and weight loss. Some people are worried for their excess weight and some are worried for their less weight, they look very thin, Due to this they some-time fear about their sex life. This is very important to take proper diet at this time. Weight management is a need of today sex life. It must be checked at regular interval. Sexologist in ambala is need of the city. At our empire Clinics  we provide treatment of all these problems with good success rates. In Ambala City our Clinic is located at Jalbera Road , Near Sector 10 . Consultation and medication is given here by Dr. Satinder Singh. He is Qualified Ayurvedaacharya from Punjab University. Here we gives online consultation via . Here patients comes across the globe
for the treatment of their sex problems. Semen test facility and all type of blood test facility we
provide here to all of our patients.

Premature Ejaculation, Shigrapatan and The Myths about it.

In today time some people bother about what other people are saying, either people are saying right or wrong it does not matter to them. They just go back to the saying without knowing about the facts. Premature ejaculation is also harassing our youth too much. Sometimes over masturbation becomes legal cause for the premature ejaculation. Guys in their early age get in this type of wrong practice which ruins their future without knowing about the side effects of it on their upcoming life. Always we can’t say masturbation as the cause for premature ejaculation. There may be lot of causes like hormonal disorder, neurological disorders, Genital infections, UTI, Increased penile sensitivity to touch, psychogenic or due to mental illness, sex center disorder etc all these factor may be the cause of premature ejaculation.


In recent studies we have seen hormone centers directly cause premature ejaculation. Even hormone disorder can cause sexual dysfunction. It can lead to impotency.  So, premature ejaculationis not always due to psychological causes, and it is now known that organic factors play an important role. Premature ejaculation may be related to erectile dysfunction. Anxiety about the sexual performance would increase this. A man should really be in perfect libido so as to perform better during sex and produce better progeny. It is important that each partner in health and well being and clear of illness or disease.  Young men may be conscious of their body and be over keen to please their partner. The study was conducted among men in the crisis of premature ejaculation and has been observed that most of them are under pressure, stress, anxiety and trauma. These characteristics fall within the psychological realm.  The main symptom of premature ejaculation is that the ejaculation occurs before the man and his partner wishes. It has been discovered than an estimated 33 percent suffer from premature ejaculation on a consistent basis, mostly young men, younger than 40 years. If a man is lacking in bed his self confidence then his mind can let him in more difficulties in future of his sex life. This can be a big issue for him to solve.


As per our title of this article we would like to educate people about the exact thing and we would like to take them out from all the myth. One should first check himself/herself about the facts behind anything. Premature ejaculation is not only a psychological condition is may a serious issue. Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction both are not the same condition both are different things. Some people think both are same things. Premature ejaculation not only affects men but is also affects both partners. If a man can’t satisfy his partner then life of both the partners get disturbs. It may lead to difficult situation. At that situation men should talk openly about his problem. Men must not hesitate to talk to doctor or sexologist regarding this issue. If timely this issue get solved then it is best for the future of relationship sexual life. Sexologist or sex specialist doctor can guide a patient to how to take control over ejaculation and how to get rid of premature ejaculation. If patient timely goes to sexologist
then sex specialist doctor cure his problem by getting the exact cause. After having treatment patient can have healthy married life. Healthy sexual life is having lot contribution to a healthy relationship.

Premature Ejaculation and Empire Clinic’s Concern about this

We have never anticipated more to delivered your lovemaking, as we do in the present day due to this fact, while there is no universally approved description of premature ejaculation (PE); It is a wale erotic trouble whereby there is an occurrence of a male climax inside three minutes subsequent to sexual insertion or before a suitable degree of fulfilment is obtained for both. Reasons for PE and finding a one size fits all cure for this problem is really very slim. We advice that depression and anxiety are likely underlying causes of an individual tendency of PE .A Chemical imbalance is in the brain is likely to be the physiological case. In a word yes prior to finding the correct remedy, Men must find out what is the cause of their particular premature ejaculation. Herbals treatments will be the most likely treatment that has been discovered.

We are having reviews from some patients that are like this now-

“I am a software engineer in a reputed company. I was going to marry soon but I was concern about my sexual performance, due to my childhood mistakes I was feared of having a happy married life without wasting much time I consulted Dr. Satinder Singh(Sexologist/Sex specialist) as told by one of my friend and with his consultancy and medicine course today I am taking pleasure of a happy married life with my lovely wife” – Mr. Harsimrat.

“My boyfriend was unable to do well on bed .Our relation was at stagnant stage because he had a fear of causing pregnancy. I was really frustrated and worried about him. One of our close friend told about Empire Clinics and by God grace my boyfriend was blessed with its herbal qualities and i got a wonderful husband in return. My heartiest congratulations to Empire Clinics and many more people take advantage of their treatment and live adorable life. One thing more I would like to share that some people get hesitate to go to a sexologist clinic to discuss his/her sex related problems that can harm their coming life too much, I personally advice them not to hesitate to go to sexologist if you are having a problem.” – Shivani.

“I had guilt for sex with the ongoing luxuries life. I was not fully satisfied due to my PE problem; my partner used to degrade me due to this. To save my ending relationship I tool the help of artificial sedative and power drugs which lead me ninth cloud but all my dreams shattered when after consumption my health took a step decline leading to adverse effect on my body. My life was collapsing and a miracle happened. I came to in contact with Dr. Satinder Singh who is renowned Sexologist/Sex Specialist at Empire Clinics. Due to their always ready to serve website who shows me the right path and with his consultancy and herbal course.I was able to recover soon. Heartiest Thanks to Empire Clinics.” –Divankar.

From Doctor’s Desk:

“ We feel proud in achieving high successful rate in curing their disease; which was disturbing our patients between their legs and their nerves in head too .With so many happy and satisfied patient who are now leading a blissful life that too purely having divine faith in Ayurveda. We feel highly privileged to serve you.”Always at your service Dr.Satinder Singh Sexologist at Empire Clinics.

Premature Ejaculation may lead to unsatisfactory relation

In today time Premature Ejaculation is becoming a big issue for some males. They are thinking lot on this issue which is going to harm their precious relation. More than 20-50% people are suffering from this. Some people overcome this problem so easily they get it by some phenomenon which suits them. About 30-70% males in the Europe affected to some degree at one time or another.

There are some factors to discuss on this issue which are related to this. One of them is Anxiety. It is the main cause in some of the cases which is influencing the ejaculation process. If a person is in hurry and he is having lot of stress on his mind, thinking lot about sex and sexual relations he might not be able to do intercourse properly. It will definitely lead him to a state where he will be embarrassing due to this. This PE(Premature Ejaculation) sometimes occurs due to lack of confidence.

When a person loses his confidence he will be victim of premature ejaculation. Then first of all he has to make his confidence level high so that he may go to a state of peaceful life and healthy relation. Some studies says it may be due to withdrawal of some medicines used in mental illness like Citalopram. It may be the reason of premature ejaculation in men. If patients is using this medicines and he is getting the problem of Premature Ejaculation , then before going to a Sexologist first he should consult his Routine doctor regarding this drug.

People with relationship problems often present to the family physician’s office believing they are suffering from sexual dysfunction. Patients often believe that the sexual dysfunction is the cause of the relationship discord. Open communication between sexual partners can help reduce conflict and performance anxiety. Open communication between sexual partners can help reduce conflict and performance anxiety. If you’re not satisfied with your sexual relationship, talk with your partner about your concerns.

At our Empire Clinics we educate people about all the issues related to sexual health. Our Sexologist gives their opinion regarding problems of patients. Patients suffering from these types of disorders got help from the desk of our Sexologist. As said above if premature ejaculation is a problem with someone then he cannot have a healthy relation for long. For that patient is asked to have counselling and the treatment required for his problem. We at Empire Clinics provide counselling for all type of sexual problem. These problems if not treated can make your life worst so it should be treated timely.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is a condition in which ejaculates before his sex partner achieves orgasm.I know its not a sexy statement…….

Some believe anxiety is the cause, repetitive learned behavior, excessive or insufficient arousal, or muscular tension. They’re all associated, and addressing each of them is the key to cure premature ejaculation.

The sage and great Vaidya over the ages created our rejuvenation treatments and each of them is carefully prescribed by our Vaidya (Ayurvedic physician) to be well matched to your age,and body condition. We at empire clinic we enhance sexual ability,desire,drive or performance .It is a

ayurvedic method with highly assured patients to help man control PE and maintain their erection with huge success rates with the help of positive mental plan, something you can fall back on that can help you manage your anxiety beforehand.

Despite a holistic approach aim to cure disease, therapy is customized to the individual’s composition .Ayurveda has a divine origin adopted the physics of the five elements that compose the universe,including the human body.Since early times ayurveda decide a appropriate treatment to patients who distinguish PE  as a “complaint” has been cured along with herbal therapy. We at empire clinic with a determined goal to help men who fall in this viscous circle.

Our premature ejaculation treatment is a cource which consist of Bhasmas, Rasayans,herbal drug, vati and herbo-mineral combinatons which is proven affective in greater than 90% cases which result in good stamina which last longer. There is a series of step by step exercises “prescribed” by us called the start-stop method, but it is not simply starting and stopping that helps a man gain control.Varios Ayurvedic medicine has been tested for their biological and clinical potential using modern ethno validation, and thereby set an interface with modern medicine. It include cleansing, purification, Dhatu Detoxification, set of Panchakarma therapy with the purpose of remove, liquefy, mobilize or evacuate the Doshas that have accumulated in your body.
The course is 100% safe and effective based on experimental and evidence evidence without any harmful effect

We proud in helping thousands of satisfied couples restoring their sexual life worldwide.Its high time to stop avoiding this issue and look forward at it.We should start curing it before it starts its play ….. We are at empireclinics,where are you…….“Dr.Satinder and his website is the best website I logged.i appreciated the doctor for their kind service of course!!!i’m going to be a very regular follower of this website and Dr.Satinder!!!hats off for you sir!!!

By equipping yourself with the information on this site you can get started on the path to successfully dealing with PE.

“The biggest organ in a man’s body is not between his legs, but between his ears.”

If his mind is under control, he will be in a better position to control his natural urge for an early ejaculation.

Healthy Food can also give you Good Shape and Good Stamina

SakshiRao (25) is heading for a beach. Excited as she is, the thought of wearing a bikini is giving her nightmares. But Physicians say with the right diet, exercise and a little camouflaging, she can have a happy sun and sand holiday. There are many who choose shorts and T-shirts over swim wear because they lack the confidence, mostly because of extra flab.
More workload and pressure of studies leads to a stressful life. Competitive exams and goal-achieving jobs make them sit for long hours, which leads to mental tension and physical fatigue. Nothing much is required, just dig out green leafy vegetables from your fridge, to satiate your hunger, says nutritionist consultant Arpanaat Civil hospital Ambala City, adding one can also have salads and soups. “Avoid oily foods because that can make you feel bloated,” she says, and that “it will help in getting rid of those extra inches on the waistline.” Arpana has more useful tips to help you in getting into shape. Take bath and moisture your body once you are out of the sea. Do not let the salty water dry on your body or hair. Go for a deep conditioning treatment for hair, after your beach holiday.

According to experts at our Empire Health Club “One must work out harder on stubborn parts like inner thighs, love handles, back and triceps. These are the most prominent places for fat accumulation and visibility,” Expertsfeels.It is important to have sufficient water(8-10 glasses) in a day to keep the body hydrated, as dehydration can cause stress. At Our Empire Clinics there are lot of patients who comes here to lose their extra weight, we advice them healthy diet and some exercises . By getting their good shape of body they also get to be healthy at their sexual life and get rid of any type of sexual disorders.

Trying to make your diet healthy overnight isn’t realistic or smart. Changing everything at once usually leads to cheating or giving up on your new eating plan. Make small steps, like adding a salad (full of different color vegetables) to your diet once a day or switching from butter to olive oil when cooking. As your small changes become habit, you can continue to add more healthy choices to your diet. Even if you don’t add salt to your food, you may still be eating too much. About three-quarters of the salt we eat is already in the food we buy, such as breakfast cereals, soups, breads and sauces. Eating too much salt can raise your blood pressure. People with high blood pressure are more likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke.

These are rich in magnesium, which is a stress-buster. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant. Nuts are also high in calcium, iron and fibre. About 25 to 30 gm of nuts can be included in a daily diet. Try to eat dinner earlier in the day and then fast for 14-16 hours until breakfast the next morning. Early studies suggest that this simple dietary adjustment—eating only when you’re most active and giving your digestive system a long break each day—may help to regulate weight. After-dinner snacks tend to be high in fat and calories so are best avoided, anyway.

Why Ayurvedic medicines are Best for Sexual Problems?

Ayurveda has its own importance in the field of sexology. This is only way by which sexual problems can be treated. In ayurveda only herbal medicines just like single drug therapy is also very much effective in many sexual disorders like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation etc. As Ashwaganda, Shatavri are the best drug to use as a single drug therapy. Ayurveda cuts the roots of the disease. It treats the reason of the disease as in other therapy the treatment which is available that is all symptomatic. In Sexual problems this can not much beneficial at some steps.
Ayurveda is the ancient medicine therapy. ¬ Ayurvedic medicines is having no side effects , which is the most beneficial part of this therapy. Ayurveda is a way a life , is not only a treatment. Ayurveda make the people happy and disease free. It keeps the people healthy all over the life. It is the best knowledge to keep your body healthy. Ayurvedic drugs are having the potency to treat sexual problems. It is preventive, protective, health primitive and curative in nature. This provides a constructive approach against destructive forces.
At our clinics we regulary having patients who have taken treatment from various reputed allopathic hospitals. By consuming even a huge amount of money on various investigation and many types of allopathic treatment they didn’t get any benefits, which is bad part of that.
Allopathic medicines are very much effective and beneficial in emergency treatment and acute disorders. As allopathic drugs got a lot advancement in the treatment but still they much far away from the results of ayurveda in chronic disorders. In chronic disorders ayurvedic medicines are having a lot benefits.
Ayurvedic is a divine Gift , it is not made by man. Base of the ayuvedic treatments is the herbal formulas. It is based on herbs, plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and all vegetation that grows around us in plenty. Ayurveda is the best source of herbal treatment. It is the best technique to get rid of any sort of sexual disorder. Benefits of Ayurveda are not only limited to treatment of various types of diseases or disorders but Ayurveda also helps in improving and maintaining beauty of various parts of our body like face, eyes, nose, and hair. Ayurveda focuses on treating symptoms associated with imbalances of your dosha, many remedies include lifestyle changes such as diet adjustments or relaxation exercises that can bring about change in your constitution without the need for surgery or conventional drugs
Ayurveda is also best in the preventive as well as curative. To prevent from disease ayurveda is the best way. It provides lot of information with the help of which a person can live a healthy life.
Ayurveda has given us triphla which is a combination of Harar, Bhaera and amla .this is the best drug of ayurveda . in ayurveda there is not any hard and fast rule. Ayurveda is a medical science for your mind, body and soul. It promotes holistic living by healing and maintaining the quality, harmony and longevity of life. Ayurveda groups the 5 elements into three basic types of energy or functional principles, present in everybody. The 3 doshas are:Vata, Pitta and Kapha or blends of them. Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine from India that focuses on holistic health rather than just physical health. Ayurvedic medicine is based on preventing illness and healing various medical conditions by healing your spirit and mind, as well as addressing weaknesses in your dosha, or the type of body constitution you have.All this things make aurvedic medicines best in the treatment of Sexual disorders.

Top Diets to get Sexual Strength

Diet is having an important role in development of both physical and mental health. Different types of diets are having different values for the body. To increase sexual strength diet plays an excellent role. Diets which are good for cardiovascular system, is also good for erectile dysfunction which is a very common sexual problem. To enhance sexual strength one must have to change his food habits to the perfection. He has to avoid some bad food stuff which decreases sexual power just like that junk food, fast food, Drinks(mainly vodka) etc. Quality nutrients are also helpful for maintaining immune function and preventing bone loss, muscle loss, and oxidative damage.

When we discuss top diets for good sexual strength then there comes first of the name of Oysters, which one is very good known for its antioxidant properties. The main phenomenon of oysters is that it is very rich in zinc, which is very good for testosterone production and increases sperm count. It improves dopamine levels in body with the help of which problem of low sperm count in males and loss of libido female does not exists.

Second one is Watermelon. This fruit is recommended by doctors to increase blood flow in vessels .This property of the food is very much helpful in sexual problems.

Banana and fatty fish these are very much effective in sexual problems. They improves immune systems of the body. Banana also reduces the risk of stroke.

Chillies’ and pumpkin seeds are also good parts of diet for male health. Capsaicin promotes the release of chemicals that can raise your heart rate that give you a natural high, which pumps that libido.

Garlic contains Allicin which increases blood flow of vessels. This property of garlic makes it useful in sexual problems.

Indian aphrodisiacs like ashwagandha, methi, hibiscus, ghee, saffron and shatavari are listed among the best diets for sexual health.

Pistachios, Milk and Yogurt, Ginger, Tart Cherries, Brazil Nuts, Eggs Berries, Figs, Orange Vegetables, high fibre cereals, Avocado etc. are very good food to enhance sexual performance .

Diet is one of the Tripod of Ayurveda. In ancient times there was only system of medicine that was available at time that was Ayurveda. In Ayurvedic systems of medicine Diet is having a great role in treatment. By using all this useful information a person can improve his sexual strength. If there is still any query then you can consult Dr. Satinder Singh at Empire Clinics who can make a well balanced diet schedule for all your sexual problems.

Ashwagandha(Withania Somnifera) the Magical drug in Sex Problems

Latin name of Ashwaganda is Withania Somnifera. It belongs to solanaceae family. In India it is mostly found in Maharastra, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pardesh, Panjab and Himalayas at 5000 ft height. In Madyapardesh, it is available in district at mandsor at Tehsil Manasa; Here maximum harvesting of this plant is done. This area supply maximum Ashwagandha.

The manly useful part of this plant is Root. Root contains cuseohygrine, anahyrine, tropine, anaferine ans a few other constituents also. It is most widely used in panic disorders as it helps to remove stress. It has powerful properties to relieve stress. Most of the sexologists are using this drug in their preparations. It is aphrodisiac as well as immunity booster drug.

It has wonderful aphrodisiac properties due to its properties that makes it best in the class of Rasayans and all Vajikarana drugs. Rasayan is a drug which rejuvenates the lost strength of body and Vajikarna drugs are that which makes gives power like a horse to satisfy female partner. All the ageing signs are removed from the body with the use of this magical drug. It works well in nerving problems as it is the best nerving tonic. It gives strength to nerves, all the numbness of the extremities is removed with the use of Ashwagandha(Withania Somnifera) . Medicinal properties of this drug are superb.

It is having different names in different languages like Asgandh in Hindi, Winter cherry in English, Withania Somifera in English, Askandha in Marathi etc. Different parts of the different plants posses’ different types of medicinal values. Ashwagandha plant’s root is having much medicinal value. . The total alkaloid content in the roots of Indian types has been reported to vary between 0.13 and 0.3, though much high yields (up to 4.3 per cent) have been recorded elsewhere. Many bio-chemical heterogeneous alkaloids, including choline, tropanol, pseudotopanol, cuscokygrene, 3- tigioyloxytropana, isopelletierine and several other steroidal lactories. Twelve alkaloids, 35 withanolides and several sitoindosides have been isolated from the roots of the plant have been studied. In addition to alkaloids, the roots are reported to contain starch, reducing sugars, glycosides, dulcitol, withancil, an acid and a neutral compound. The amino acids reported from the roots include aspartic acid, glycine, tyrosine, alanine, glutamic acid and cysteine.

All these properties are very much useful in sexual problem. Regular intake of this drug for 2 months is very much useful in all types of sexual problems. For more details consult Dr.Satinder Singh from Empire Clinics or consult your physician before starting this drug as medicine.

Benefits of Aamla in Sexual Problems

Aamla is also called Indian gooseberry. It is the most beneficial and precious gift of nature to us. It is beneficial in any form just like raw fruit, aamla juice, aamla powder, aamla pickle, aamla murabbah etc. Aamla if taken in any form is beneficial to our body.

Aamla works as an aphrodisiac, It is considered as one of the Rasayana which means herb with rejuvenating properties or anti aging. Most of the sexologists around the world advice to take aamla in any form for their better sex life. It works as best blood purifier which not only increases the beauty of the body but also helps in increasing low sperm count. It is especially useful in skin disorders. It is very much helpful in other systems as well as in sexual problems too. Aamla is an extensively used herb for making herbal medicines. Aamla is supposed to rejuvenate all the organ systems for providing strength and wellness. According to experts or sexologist regular usage of aamla will make our live more than 100 years like a youth.

It enhances fertility by balancing apana vata and nurturing all body tissues. It nurtures the ovaries and sperms both; this way it enhances the chances of fertility and the possibility of the conception. If someone wants to improve eyesight then he should have aamla juice mixed with honey. It is also beneficial for people who are nearsighted and have cataracts.
Aamla is also rich in chromium, which makes it very beneficial for diabetic patient. It is known to stimulate the isolated group of cells that secrete the hormone insulin. It decreases the blood sugar. It is mostly used ingredient in maximum hair tonics because it is known to curb hair loss, stimulate growth and strengthen the roots. It helps body fight better against infection and also builds up our immunity. Its just due to its antibacterial qualities, which makes more resistant to diseases; its powerful laxative qualities is great for curing diarrhoea and dysentery. It helps in all types of abdominal discomfort.
It removes the bad effects of ageing and blood pressure under control. It is the best gift of nature for sugar patients, helps physical and mental growth. It prevents greying and hair fall. Aamla is very much helpful in gas problems, indigestion, Influenza, to get rid of obesity, infertility problems etc.
In case of any problems as described above, just consult our special Dr. Satinder Singh or you may contact him directly at 94165 34999. You may also take help from our online resource at empire clinics.