Penis enlargement treatment by ayurvedic medicine

Small penis is a real cause of guilt in most of the men these days. These men are unable to satisfy their partner and in result they are not happy in relationships and suffer from a feeling of shame or guilt . These types of the patients are shy to share their problem with anybody. But nowadays,treatment is available and penis can be enlarged. Patients have to go to a Sexologist / Sex specialist who will do the thorough examination and inspection. He will check every aspect related to his disorder and will take proper history. Sometimes, patient will have to go through all the basic blood test and some radio logical examination to get the proper diagnosis.

Doctor will diagnose your trouble and will start the treatment .Patient with this problem always remain in stress. Stress is harmful for the patient. His condition deteriorates day by day. This state of mind is not good for the patients. The cause of your problem can have many reasons like excess masturbation, misuse of drugs or overdose of drugs, Use of inappropriate drugs etc. These are few possible reasons behind this problem.

If someone has this problem he should never hesitate to discuss his problem with sexologist. He should have treatment from a qualified doctor. We provide Ayurvedic treatment for the Penis Enlargement. This treatment is available at our Empire Clinics. Any patient can avail this service via internet also. We provide online consultancy . Patient can talk to our doctors about their problem via email, chat,Skype , Whats app or via phone. All these facility is available with us. There is no need to come to clinic Our Skype ID is Skype/satinderbams.

Ayurveda – Traditional Approach of Treating Disease

As we know Ayurveda is an ancient approach of treatment for ailments. Ayurveda is natural and spiritual approach for well-being of individual. Its approach of treatment is not confined to disease but its spirituality help people in getting rid of fear caused by disease. In simple word you can say it is not disease which is cured by Ayurveda but root of disease as well as people get cured by Ayurveda. Once your symptom of illness is clear, and as you starts taking ayurvedic medication. It attempts to bring balance between your bodies and assures rejuvenation of mind and soul.

There is an old proverb “prevention is always better than cure”. These words completely fit with Ayurveda. If you are following an ayurvedic life style you have better chances of preventing any disease from happening rather getting worried about its cure. So following ayurvedic life style can help you in many ways. As I mentioned in above paragraph lastly it is your mind which is rejuvenated as well as soul. It’s not just about disease it’s you which get cured while following Ayurveda. There is innumerable disease for which Ayurvedic medication has been proven good.

Disease like baldness, impotence, acne, leucorrhoea, piles, constipation and many others has proven record of getting treated by medication. The best way to accurately determine which herbal medicine will help you is to consult Ayurvedic Doctor. These medicine provide concise regimen to increase health and of your mind and body in natural way. Ayurveda can be journey to perfect health by merely making few adjustments in your daily life. It is a way of life not just old ancient medical science.

Ayurvedic Tips for Penis Enlargement

We are thankful to God that he has given us Ayurvedic Medicines. Since Ayurvedic Medicine gaining popularity day by day . This is only system of medicine which can provide treatment of any sort of sexual disorder without any side effect. If a patient go for the treatment of his short size of penis in the allopathic system of medicine then after giving so much time and money on the lot of investigation does not got the satisfactory result.

One thing more some patients are actually suffering from the Erectile Dysfunction but they did not know exactly. They think this is due to shortness of size of penis. This made a difficult situation for them. Some patients fears in accepting them to be suffering from this problem. Due to this they did not get the proper treatment. Most of the patients hesitate to discuss their problem. They need the treatment of erectile dysfunction and short size both.

Normally any size near about 6.5 inches can be asked normal size of the penis. Size problem only comes when there is lack of satisfaction. Satisfaction of the partner is the most urgent. Some people are bothered about the size of penis. Some people feel that their size is small. Some people think that small penis can have negative effect on sexual performance.

One should be happy with that what he has. If he still feels that the sixe is small than he can go for the Ayurvedic treatment with the help of Ayuvedic oils. Kegel exercise works well in increasing size of the penis. We provide oil that is best for the size. Regular massage of this oil gives eye opening benefits. If the patient is indulged in bad sex practice then he is advised to avoid it and keep using medicine. This is always beneficial for the patient.

Ayurvedic medicine is best at the rejuvenation. Rasayana and vajikarna are the best part for the sex problems. When patient got sexual weakness then patient is treated with vajikarna and rasayana therapy. These therapies give a new life to the patient. Patient got solution of his long lasting problem here. We have diagnosed so many patients and treated them successfully.

Our Sexologist in Ambala Dr. Satinder Singh is providing solution for all types of Infertility Problems,sex problems of males and females . For female patients we are having Female Sexologist Dr. Sukhbir Kaur. She gives treatment to all female patients. For Female patients Our Contact number is 09467015252. Patients can book their appointment on this number.Our Helpline number of Empire Clinics is 9416534999.

How to Increase your Sex Power?

Sex power is a need of every man. As we know everybody is not aware about good sex education. Sex education is of both kind good and bad. A 24 yrs old boy Jack ,was a school going child at that at the age of 12 yrs. He was unaware of any kind of sex education. He came in contact with some guys in wrong sexual practice, and provided bad sex education to jack. Like jack, mostly teenagers involve in hand practice, multiple sex parteners. If Jack got all good knowledge at the right time, then he might be aware about the problems of Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation. Jack was suffering from some sexual problems now after years of wrong sexual practice. His parents were asking him to marry soon. He was under pressure due to his problem. His sexual problem was targeting his future married life badly. He went to so many doctors/Vaids but the problem was still persisting.

People spend lots of money on thier treatmen. Men need to know that good sexual knowledge is utmost important and to avoid multiple sexual parteners and excess of hand job is also important. Counseling from a good sexologist is very helpful and need of the hour for every man suffering from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction , infertility, oligospermia or nil sperm count, penile sores, penoile infections etc. Our team of Sexologists in Ambala, working under Dr. Satinder Singh TO HELP PATIENTS TO HAVE A HAELTHY SEXUAL LIFE. Male or female patients reach us with their sexual problems, mostly men are worried about their sex power. Males unable to satisfy their partner or erectile dysfunction. At our Clinic we take proper history to know the exact cause. We examine the patient and go through various investigations and provide medication prepared in our empire clinic’s pharmacy. Patients treated by our doctors are fit after the treatment and enjoying their good married and sexual life.

There are so many Patients like Jack who are suffering from problems like erectile dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation, loss of libido, unable to satisfy their partner. If they get proper counseling and good sex education then they can help themselves and get cured. Need is to avoid excess masturbation and other bad sex habits. Teenagers should get timely sex education to save them from future problems. At Empire Clinics We provide people good sexual education and Ayurvedic Treatment for all types of Sexual Problems. Our Sexologist in Ambala is Dr. Satinder Singh, provides treatment for all sex related problem with ayurvedic approach. Patients take years of allopathic treatment but they don’t get permanent cure. With AYURVEDA, we provide long term and even permanent cure to ur diseases. All types of Sex problems can be treated by only Ayurvedic medicines.

In Ayurveda Sexual power is increased with the help of Ayurvedic medicines which contains swarn bhasama, Chandi Bhasma, mercury,shtavari, musli, ashwaganda etc. These drugs should not be taken without the prescription of Ayurvedic Doctor/Sexologist because these contain mercury and sulphur which can be poisonous in high dose. So, patients can contact us at our helpline number 9416534999,online via EmpireClinics.

Tips to judge your Sexual Stamina

Now days, sex education is available to everybody via internet or books. People wonder about their sexual stamina. People are more educated and more modern, so they are more alert for their general as well as sexual health. Male or female anybody can go through sexual problems of any kind at anytime of life. Weather young or adult, everybody wants to know if their sexual stamina is sufficient or not, are they able to satisfy their partner or not. Gone the time, when people used to shy to talk about their sexual life with anybody, not even doctor. People look out for a sexologist to make their sexual life healthy. People are more aware now that their sexual health is also as much important as general health.

Sexual Health is as important as your general health. It is not difficult to deal with this issue with the help of proper  investigations and examination. This can be checked by examination of patient by sexologist. Examination by sexologist includes complete history of the patient, the Sexual problems or symptoms he/she is suffering from. Male problems like night fall, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Dhat Syndrome, Low or nil sperm count, Infertility problems, Gupt rog, Penile Infections, UTI etc.

Female problems like loss of libido , Infertility problems, Generalized body weakness, leucorrhea, Candidial, Trichomonal, mixed vaginal infections, Dyspareunia etc. Investigations include Semen Analysis, Serum testosterone level, Penile Doppler, thyroid profile, CBC of the male patient.

First line of treatment in male infertility is Semen Analysis. Semen analysis report is very helpful a patient for any sort of Infertility problems. Normal Sperm count is equal to or above 20milllion.
Are you the one? The one suffering from loss of libido, or mental depression, loss of stamina, or not able to satisfy your partner? You don’t need to worry. We, at Empire clinics provide you our best service. DR. SATINDER SINGH, HEAD OF SEXOLOGISTS TEAM AT EMPIRE CLINICS help you with proper counseling, examinations, investigations and medication.

Shocking Truth About Premature Ejaculation

While having vaginal penetration when you don’t have control over ejaculatory response, this condition is termed as premature ejaculation. Normally in this condition ejaculation happens most probably with in a minute of penetration. Men from different age groups have been found affected from this. There are many reasons behind this condition. But most important thing you need to know about premature ejaculation is: It’s not a disease. So there is nothing to worry about In case you are having this condition. It has effects but not like any other disease. It might affect you mentally and emotionally as it is something which is directly proportion to love. What I mean is somehow sex help you in conveying your romance.

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding premature ejaculation was that it is some sort of sickness or disease but actually it is not. Healthy men can also go through this condition at some point in their in life. At some point lack of sexual activity for long time can also create a syndrome in you. It is like you are over anxious about performance while having intercourse. It can jeopardize your pleasure what as a couple you can have.

Bad habit can affect

What I mean is overdose of anything like drugs, alcohol, smoking and other ecstasy product will have negative effect on your body. It can cause premature ejaculation. At some point you feel this is helping you in performing in bed only because it calms your mind. If your condition is related to anxiety as we know these ecstasy products helps you in controlling your mind and keep stress away from your mind as long as you are into it.  But the truth is you can’t have these things for long time as they have bad side effects on your body and can worse your condition. So staying away from these things is best.

Ejaculation condition can be improved with exercise

It can be controlled with exercise and yoga. There are different exercises for controlling your brain as well as body. You can improve your stamina as well with some sort of exercise. There are ayurvedic remedies which you can consider. Good doctor who are well aware about premature ejaculation condition and its treatment might help you in getting over this situation.

Understanding Premature Ejaculation And Its Effect On Life

Survey shows people suffering from premature ejaculation face emotional as well as relationship distress. There are people suffering from premature ejaculation avoids being in sexual relationship due to embarrassment. There is an average latency time of ejaculation; if it is occurring to you or has occurred many times you might be suffering from it. Once in a while if it is happening then there is nothing to worry about. Some time it happens due to stress or maybe you are tired due work load.

Premature Ejaculation and Sex life

Premature ejaculation and romance can’t go together very well. It is really necessary to have healthy sex life for good romance. Sex work as a spark in your romance and it is vice versa. You know it very well relationship work on understanding and mutuality. If it is happening or you are unable to last long in bed it will create lot of pressure. It has been noted couple splitting due to this.

How it affects your confidence?

Healthy sex life keep you stress free and also rejuvenate you time to time. You can’t deny the fact that it shakes your confidence, if you are not having a good sex life. Consider you want to have physical intimacy and your partner denied it because of your problem. You might start irritating over little thing. Everyone is vulnerable at some point.

Sex not only helps in forgetting your daily life as well it also help in reducing your stress. There is nothing ashamed of talking about sex life. It is necessary to talk and clear all doubts over sex. If possible take consultation with good sexologist who can help in resolving query and can help you emotionally. Remember if consultation taken from noted sexologist this premature ejaculation is treatable. As a precaution you can have a good diet, keep yourself fit by doing some exercise and try to avoid any addiction.

Infertility problem – A cause of concern and curable

This can be really very difficult time for those couple, who wanted to have kid of their own and are facing infertility problem. They could be devastated emotionally. Infertility has become one of common problem nowadays. We all know what it is, it’s a condition where despite doing antifertility sexual intercourse for one year either you are not able to impregnate your wife or she is not conceiving. Infertility occurs in women mostly when they are above the age of 35. It is not only women who suffer from this problem it is men also who might not be able to impregnate.

There is only one prominent reason behind men not able to impregnate is, they are not able to produce quality sperm. Only sperm cannot help in having baby your sperm need to be strong enough to make an impact when it get in touch with eggs released from ovary. Prominent reason behind women infertility is not able to ovulate. She might be ovulating but immaturely. What happens in this case is, their ovaries start releasing eggs before it get mature. But at the same time infertility is curable if you start your medication at earliest.

There are different medication for men and women. But before you start treating it is good to know what kind of infertility problem you are facing. Is it the age problem which has caused hormonal disorder or is it some emotional stress which has caused this (especially in men). If you have been in emotional stress for long time it can affect your sperm. For treatment you need to consult a certified sexologist who knows the problem as well as can understand the situation. It is not just any other disease where only medicine will help you. You need morale support also while getting treatment.

Worried about premature ejaculation – Here the solution

Premature ejaculation is a condition in which a male ejaculates prior to, at the time of, or just after penetration. Here ejaculation occurs before the person wants to; hence he has no control over it. In some cases this problem gets resolved on its own, without the aid of medicinal purposes, but this is very rare. Premature ejaculation results in unsatisfactory sexual experience for both partners, which increases anxiety and further aggravates the problem. At some point in his life, every man is affected by premature ejaculation, mainly because of anxiety, guilt or depression. Also hormonal problems, injury or side effect of medicine can cause this male sexual dysfunction. Most cases of premature ejaculation do not have a clear cause. Still occasional premature ejaculation may not be a cause of concern.

Men with premature ejaculation have low level of serotonin in the synapses, causing them to climax soon after sexual activity with minimal penile stimulation. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, a chemical messenger that carries, boosts and modulates signal between nerve cells in the brain and nervous system. Neurons then pass these signals to other neurons through synapse. Studies have shown that inadequate levels of serotonin in the synapses lead to premature ejaculation.

Again premature ejaculation is not a modern disease and has been known for about many centuries, even in ancient India this problem was known amongst various Kings. To solve the problem, the ayurvedic practitioners found its cause, which was because of an imbalance of a vital energy called vata. Through herbal treatments the balance of vata could be maintained. This applies even today.

Vata balancing foods, which are very low in cholesterol, should be taken for premature ejaculation treatment. Crumbled almonds in a glass of milk should be consumed twice a day. Meditation was also recommended, as it rids the body of negative emotions, making us less anxious and controlling our ejaculation a little more effectively by mind alone. Again Yoga positions as Shoulder Stand (Sarvang Asana), The Plough (Hala Asana), and The Fish (Matsya Asana) are believed to be beneficial in checking premature ejaculation. Ayurvedic practioners also recommend restraint in sexual activities, especially less masturbation. They also speak of the food to be consumed to control premature ejaculation. Foods as fresh fruits (especially banana), nuts, ginger, lettuce, cereals, fish, shellfish, honey and vegetables especially fennel, celery and onions should be consumed. Tea, coffee, denatured foods, processed foods and foods which contain high amounts of white sugar and white flour should be avoided. Smoking and alcohol should also be avoided.

Preferred medicine is Ayurveda for premature ejaculation over English medicine. In the latter the diseases or symptoms get treated, while in the former it is the individual who is treated.

Female Sexologist – Dr. Sukhbir Kaur

Want a expert advice for your sexual problem from a female sexologist ? Females suffering from frigidity (Loss of libido),loss of sexual desire , irritability, Dyspareunia (Pain during intercourse), disturbing married life ,First night fear, menstrual disorders , heavy bleeding during menses, bleeding during or after intercourse, Infertility problems and any sort of female sexual and menstrual problems can contact Dr. Sukhbir Kaur (Female Sexologist ) in Ambala city at Empire Clinics. We are providing the best of treatments with the help of our team of doctors working at our clinics.

Women suffering from lack of sexual desire got very depressed from her life, marriage and relationships. She is trying to find a solution for her depression and mental tension. She needs a help of an expert doctor to diagnose her problem and treat her. In our society she is not comfortable to share her worries, sorrows or sexual problems with anybody. 48% women are suffering from sexual dysfunction and they are hesitant to discuss it. It is topic that needs privacy. Most of the cases of sexual dysfunction are treatable. For this treatment first of all this is very important to share your problem with your partner or Doctor. These are persons which can help to get rid of their problems.

Lack of lubrication is also a very important thing in sexual intercourse. This can lead to pain during intercourse and unable to reach the climax or orgasm. Due to this satisfaction level is not achieved for both the partners. Arousal issues are also common in females. In Western society we are bombarded with messages about sexuality from the popular media, and yet it can be embarrassing to talk about our personal sexuality, especially any sexual concerns we may have. Sexual life has become vulnerable to disease mongering for two main reasons. First, a long history of social and political control of sexual expression created reservoirs of shame and ignorance that make it difficult for many people to understand sexual satisfaction or cope with sexual problems in rational ways.

We provide you personal counseling as well as a healthy environment to help you explain your worries and also a healthy future in your sexual relationships. We provide online consultation and ship medicine all over the globe. So, Why to suffer? Contact our female sexologist at 09416534999. We are having sexologist doctors for both males and female problems. For male problems our Sexologist in Ambala in Dr. Satinder Singh and for female problems our female

sexologist is Dr. Sukhbir Kaur. All types of investigations is available at our Clinics. We are shortly opening our branches in Chandigarh and Ludhiana.