Are you addicted to masturbation?

Masturbation is one of common sexual activity which at some point in life everybody does or some practice at regular interval. One thing you need to memorize that, it is perfectly normal for humans. Masturbation refers to sexual pleasure; achieving an orgasm without physical intimacy. It has been scientifically proved that it’s not only human who does it but also different species of mammal. Masturbation is totally safe and would be practiced. It does not cause any kind of health related problems.

Addiction of masturbation

One of the common questions is; why people masturbate? There are apparent reasons behind it. Some people enjoy doing it for sexual pleasure. When you don’t have partner for physical intimacy you somehow start doing it, which is pretty normal and there is nothing to ashamed about. It has been seen that couple also like masturbation. You play with your partner genital. In former case, people get habituated to masturbation this lead to addiction. Addiction of masturbation is wrong. It is just simple thinking, you are looking for physical intimacy and you fill this void with masturbation which causes depression. If you are mentally fit enough to let it go, there is no problem in masturbation. But in all cases it has been seen people who masturbate regularly have guilt. Once you start feeling guilt it impacts your self-esteem. Losing self-esteem is not good it further make you believe that; this is the only way of happiness. In this condition it becomes difficult to live your life fullest.

Masturbation may lead to premature ejaculation

It’s not like all who masturbate suffer from premature ejaculation but some does. There is slight difference in physical intimacy and masturbation. Former is act of love where we lose control and play spontaneously. When you masturbate your entire focus is on orgasm and how quickly you get it. This changes your hormones and for some people it causes premature ejaculation, as they don’t know the act of sex. Their body functions just the way it does at the time of masturbation. In all above scenario you need to consult sexologist. Dr. Satinder is having experience of more than 5 year in treating patient, who is suffering from any kind of sexual problem. You can fill the online sexual consultation form. Your information will be confidential.

How sexologist can help you in living a healthy sex life?

We all are having sex life. Question is how many people have healthy sex life. When it comes to having a healthy sex life, our theory goes wrong and we fall apart. A good sex life doesn’t mean you need to have sex on daily basis. Healthy sex life has other aspects and comprises many things which not everyone is able to explore. It has many health benefits; like stress management, cardiovascular stimulation more importantly it keep you glued to your partner and help you build healthy relationship.

Sexual problems symptoms are common and you can easily figure it out. Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or lack of sex desire is common sexual problems. Premature ejaculation is one of sexual problem which might impact your relationship. Somewhere you are not able to penetrate your partner long enough to give her an orgasm. Mostly anxiety of performance, stress and in some cases physical thing cause premature ejaculation. One of the worst things of this disorder is you start feeling inferior in front of your partner. It shakes your confidence and becomes root of other problems. Before it aggravates the situation, you need to open up and talk about this thing. It has been seen that despite all openness; when it comes to talk about sexual problems, we find ourselves in difficult situation because somewhere we don’t want it to be leaked. Here comes sexologist which helps you in this situation.

Sexologists are professional who help people in getting rid of sexual disorder and your secret remains a secret. They give you a warm atmosphere where you can openly talk about your problems. Talking will help in building your lost confidence, which further will help you in getting rid of anxiety of performance. They have solution of every sex related problems, either it is physical or mental. If you are having any kind of physical sex related issues, there is ayurvedic medication for sex problem.

You can consult your diet from sexologist. It will help you in boosting sex power. With the help of sexologist you can learn exercise which helps in flexing muscle and gives you strength to enjoy sex to fullest. Don’t hesitate in boosting your sexual health as it is for your own good.

How to turn on your partner for sex?

Not every time your partner is ready for intercourse. When everyone wants sex almost as frequently as they can? Why your partner is refraining from sex? There could be many reasons behind this. It’s only you who can figure out and help yourself in enjoying passionate sex life. Physical intimacy is not only fun; it connects with your partner, keep you bonded with each other. There will be everything smooth in your life without sex. But, sex is much needed thing to keep your ignition alive that’s why you need to know how to turn your partner on for sex; otherwise relationship will fall apart sooner or later. Here are some tips to reignite your sex life.

Dirty talk – It sounds absurd but will definitely help you in portraying your wild side. There are very less people who like to show wild side on bed. When you talk dirty to your partner it will ignite the inner passion to enjoy sex.

Dress Code – It is for both partners. You need to dress seductively when you are about to go to bed. It will tune out non sexy thought and cheer up mood for sex.

Romance – It is something which is never dead. It’s all up to you how you engage with your partner and help them in forgetting their day to day work. Caress and cuddle always work. Romantic music can also help you in setting your partners mood for sex.

Go somewhere – Take your partner out someplace for vacation. Vacation will help you in getting rid of stress. In case you are not able to go for vacation due to any reason at least take her out for dinner once in a while. This way you forget your stressful life and you sink yourself in that moment. It also helps you give you room to talk to each other.

Communicate to each other – It is necessary in all aspects of life. Until you talk; no one is going to know what is inside you. Your partner is not omnipotent. You will have to speak up and put your problems in front of your partner in case there is any trouble in your paradise. It is good if you communicate to your partner regularly this way you get to know your partner better.

Aforementioned tips are some basic things which will help you to turn your partner mood on for sex.

Enjoy good sex life by keeping your cholesterol low

Our body has cholesterol even if we don’t consume food with cholesterol. Liver makes all cholesterol which is required for body to function properly. Problem start only when we eat food with much fat, our body starts making too much cholesterol. High cholesterol is growing risk factor among men and women from health as well as from sex life points of view. High cholesterol increases the risk of heart stroke.

Cholesterol Impede Erection

Erectile dysfunction is one of male sexual disorder which can cause needless harm on your romantic life. There are many more reason of erectile dysfunction like stress, tiredness and also high cholesterol. Too much cholesterol disrupts blood flow. For proper erection blood flow is necessary while having physical intimacy. It is not only male who gets infection by cholesterol. Women also can’t have a great sex life when they are suffering from high cholesterol. It stops blood reaching pelvic region so it becomes difficult for women to get aroused. Lubrication prior to physical intimacy is normal in women but with high cholesterol it becomes hard to get it. It is really very painful for women to have sex in these times, as well as it also becomes difficult for men to penetrate. No one wants painful sex when it is for pleasure.

Low cholesterol diet good for sex life and also for health

You need to eliminate saturated fat from your diet. People who eat meat or animal products are more at risk of raising cholesterol. Balance diet is not only good for your sex life but it also good from health points of view. In daily life you do not have sex every second. You need to be healthy for living your routine life, it’s not easy to cope with the challenges we meet in our daily life. You should take soy, beans in your diet. Consider it as replacement of meat and cheese; it helps you in cutting your saturated fat. Last but not the least; exercise will help you in loosing extra weight you have added which is preventing you from doing many more things in your life. Exercise regularly to keep yourself fit make it part of your life like any habit.

Anyone can consult our team of doctors for any problem related to sex life. Please drop us an email in case of any doubt through our online discussion form.

How Pornography affects your sex life?

Now days, access to Pornography is very easy using internet. Everybody watches it or does some erotic stuff to get satisfaction. It is part of our private life. With single click you can find tons of pornography. If porn is introduced correctly it can help you improve your intimacy. Men and women both watch porn and have their reason to watch it. Prominent reason behind watching porn is self-stimulation by visual imagination.

Positive side of watching porn

Help you in enhancing sex life by giving you a mood to have intimacy. In this corporate hectic life, sometime we lack the motivation for intimacy. Few minutes of porn can excite you. By watching porn you can never let sex become routine stuff. As a couple you know very well what your partner enjoys. Soon things become predictable, viewing pornography help you in exploring territories which is exciting. Consider it as a teacher of sex, where you learn to do sex in different positions.

Downside of pornography

It depicts unrealistic images of both men and women. Especially women’s sexual activities are portrayed in negative way. They appear to immediately aroused, get orgasm easily even without penetration. In pornography, they usually show men lasting long than average performance time. It gives unrealistic expectation to couple when they get intimate. Once you are addicted to porn, later on your partner is not only one by which you get stimulation.

Porn increases instances of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is common; there are different reasons behind it. When you have physical intimacy, you are involved in whole act of sex. You cuddle; kiss each other, do foreplay to get excited then you start penetration. But in case of porn, as you start watching you get excited it gives you no time to relax rather you penetrate or masturbate. Your body gets accustomed to easy ejaculation. It further increases instances of premature ejaculation. It will be good if you avoid porn otherwise these instances can turn into sexual disorder and you might have to consult sexologist.

Anyone can drop their queries via our online consultation form.

Consult Sexologist : How to Recover from Sexual Weakness Caused by Diabetes

Diabetes causes a lot of health problems, sexual problem is one of them. When you have physical intimacy, circulation of blood is high in comparison to normal condition. Blood flows through sexual organs during sex, it gets disrupted when you are diabetic patient. If you get correct medication and follow recommended lifestyle, you will be able to delay the complications. Men and women both suffer different sexual problems when they are diabetic patient. For some women with diabetes inflammation of the vagina can occur again and again. It makes sex painful reasons are itching or burn in vagina. It causes vaginal dryness that’s why it causes problem in penetration. It also affects menstrual cycle.

Your blood sugar level can affect performance

High or low blood glucose levels will make you feel always tired. It won’t let you cheer your mood for sex. For sex you need freshness, and then only you can enjoy good intercourse. Especially in men it cause disturbance in their sex life. It affects your ability to get erection or in other word you might be facing erectile dysfunction problem. This problem is treatable but can spoil your mood. As in men it causes erectile dysfunction in women clitoris may fail to respond stimulation. If you are facing erectile problem again and again it may lead to impotency. Blood circulation is reduced in diabetic condition. Cells which help your muscle get an erection are not able to rise to during sex.

Natural cure for diabetic patient facing sexual problem

One of the biggest problems with diabetes is overweight, so it is really necessary to check your diet. Food with more protein, selenium, zinc and Vitamin E would be taken. Eating fresh fruits help in controlling sugar. If papaya, guava and apple eaten in balance, it will help you in controlling your sugar level. One of the biggest myths surrounding diabetes is avoiding sugar. But if you plan your diet properly you can eat whatever you want. Don’t forget to do exercise on regular basis. Exercise to keep yourself fit, hard exercise is not necessary. Above all it will be good if you meet our specialist in this condition and ask for proper diet plan. They will help you in treating diabetes and its complication.

Tips to Boost Sex Life

Trick for enjoying passionate sex for lifetime.

Sex which is combined of love, sensuality and passion is only satisfying to anyone. It fills your life with happiness otherwise despite having physical intimacy you dissipate from your partner unknowingly. We all dream of falling in love getting married and have gratifying sex for entire life. But we end up having rotten sex life which never gives us elation rather irritate. After marriage, sex falls to some certain degree once honeymoon is over. When we can have passionate sex for lifetime, we just sideline it. We all know it’s very well sex is not only fun, it connects to your partner physically and emotionally at some level.

Share feeling to each other

Key to a successful relationship is communication. You are in a good relationship as much as you both communicate to each other. Communication helps you in sharing your feeling, this way you get to know your partner. You know what turns her on similarly she also knows about you. If you are really communicating well it will also help you in getting rid of performance anxiety. Performance anxiety is one major distracter in passionate sex. This is one of male sexual psychological disorder where you keep thinking about how long you going to last which is completely unnecessary. If performance anxiety is not getting away from enjoying your sexual life it will be good if you consult a good sexologist.

Spice things up in your bedroom

Time to time changing ambiance of your bedroom is necessary. It will keep you lively and always push you to do some new thing with your partner. Changing position help a lot, do something which is not a bedroom routine activity. Never hesitate in surprising your partner. Remember repetition of any kind of thing is boring. Light up your bedroom in a way which creates an atmosphere for great sex. Indulge yourself in foreplay, it will help you in forgetting thing and will mood you up for sex. In case you don’t know much about sex position you can surf internet or buy book about sexual positions.

Security and appreciation

Security and appreciation is necessary. Your partner needs to be feel secured, everybody want someone who is trusted and dependable. Relationship can’t last long without sense of belonging. At the same time appreciation is essential for any relationship. Once you appreciate each other’s work it automatically shows you care for each other. Tell your lover why you adore.

Consult sexologist 

Never hesitate in consulting good sexologist. They will help you in aforementioned work and also help you in getting rid of any sexual problem in case you are having like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Sexologist knows the problem from root.

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Erectile Dysfunction in Young men and its treatment

Sexual disorders among men and women have become common now. Many reasons are behind such disorder. But with proper medication with procedure sexual disorder can be fixed. Erectile dysfunction is one of major sexual disorder among men. Earlier it was prevalent among older men but now younger men are also facing this issue. If it is occurring to you very frequent then it is a serious cause of concern.

Psychical and Psychological Both causes erectile dysfunction

Health problems can also cause erectile dysfunction. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are health related problem which causes erectile dysfunction. While having sex our body pumps up and blood start circulating, both mentioned disease can damage blood vessels. Obesity is one of reason behind diabetes, so overweight young men should be wary about this. There is nothing wrong in losing some excess kilo. It is pretty understood that when it comes to discussing sexual problem we feel embarrassed but a conversation with sexologist can lead to a proper diagnosis and treatment. Otherwise ED will lead to another health disease.

Stress and depression is the main psychological problem which causes ED. Stress about family, job, money and any other concern can lead to ED. Being in stress for long time causes depression. You can think on your own how bad depression can aggravate your ED problem. Treating depression is remedy of ED as well as it benefits you in thinking clearly. Good sex is directly proportional to good communication to your partner. Relationship problems occur when you don’t have healthy communication with your partner it causes ED too.

Get rid of Erectile Dysfunction by changing your lifestyle

What you do in between, the time you leave your bed in morning till you go to bed for sleep in night decides your lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean how good clothes you wear it is what you eat, or you do for keeping yourself fit. Healthier eating, exercise and weight loss can bring down the problem. There is a warning for those especially youngster who are in body building never use steroid for muscle mass, by this you are at higher risk for erectile dysfunction. Any bad addiction like cigarettes, alcohol or any ecstasy thing harm so better you avoid. There are many de addiction program are which you should consider.

Are you living a healthy sex life?

There are certain topics which have different meaning to different people, sex also fall in that category. We all mean different when it comes to healthy sex life. We consider sex as lust, fun and as act of love. Physical intimacy is not just about penetration and orgasm all the time. If you are in relationship and actually care about sex then it is like emotionally evolving with your partner. Where you care about each other, you understand each other. It builds strong foundation and you know this is necessary for any relationship. How well you communicate to each other clearly decides how good your relationship is and ultimately decides about your sex life too.

Benefits of living healthy sex life from health point of view.

Sex reduces risk of heart disease. There are many way to raise your heart rate sex is also one of them. Sex helps keep your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance. Both are necessary for keeping your heart rate balance. Either of them is low you might suffer from heart disease. Study has shown people having sex more often are less likely to die of heart disease. During orgasm body release “oxytocin” which reduces stresses and lower blood pressure. I don’t think I need to tell what lower blood pressure causes. The whole point of saying this is there are sexual disorders in men as well as in women. If you are wary about your disorder it is not late. You should consult a sex specialist.

How sex helps in living your daily life with equanimity?

Living a daily life is also not easy. You have a lot of thing to take care of in this routine life. Either it is family or your daily job pressure not a single thing is easy in life. Here comes sex handy, it helps you in refreshing your mood. You have to admit it how it helps in boosting your self-esteem. It gives you gratification where for a while you forget everything from your surroundings. What you need for a better sex life is just relax. Sometimes the best sex happens when you’re not worrying about making it erotic or orgasmic.

Dr. Satinder is good sexologist having more than 5 year of experience in this field. He has helped many couple during these years. He will not only help you in coming out of sexual problems but will help you mentally to live a healthy sex life.

Practice Ayurveda for treating sexual problems

We talk openly about any health problems but when it comes to sexual problems we feel it is completely private. Sexual problems are like any other health issues which need to be addressed properly. It’s not only male suffer from sexual problems but female too. Major sexual problems among men are premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, nocturnal emission and sexual depression or fear. When it comes to women problems are of lack of orgasm, loss of libido and dryness of vagina during intercourse. In all aforementioned problems you need to consult a professional sexologist for remedy and if your consulted sexologist is medicating you with Ayurveda it is like icing on the cake.

You all know Ayurveda is not a new term it is an ancient science. Ayurveda not only heal the disease but also teaches us to live a healthy life style which further helps in living happily. In other medication your health is only treated with Ayurveda you not only get rid of your problem but it soothes you. Ayurveda is not just an observatory science, it is herbal science. It has procedure which must be followed properly for proper remedy. There are thousands of herbs known to Ayurveda. All herbs have different feature and work on different disease like Ashwagandha is for boosting sexual power.

How sexologists with Ayurveda experience are good for sexual problems?

Ayurveda not only treat you but heals you as it goes to the root of problem. Sexual problems are more psychological than physical. Sometime physical issue also causes sexual problems. In both cases Ayurveda medication fit well. Maximum time sexual problems occur only due to mental health. Male sexual problem like premature ejaculation, most of the time it occur, when you are worried about performance on bed. Somewhere in our mind we keep thinking about how long we are going to last in between if we ejaculate early, it causes further frustration. Peer pressure is also one of factor of sexual problems as now a day we talk about our sex life with our colleague. Without knowing the fact we start believing in their words. Here comes the Ayurveda which actually heals you mentally and gives you an inner peace. Sexologists who have experience in Ayurveda are good for sexual problems. They know where your problems lie.