Tips to boost your sexual health

Never compare your sex life with other couple remember you are together because there was some¬†connection which might be slackening. Each relationship is unique in its own way. At some point in life,¬†there will be a time when sex will become unexciting. Spark goes missing from one‚Äôs partner. Here¬†problem start between couples. Either you are married couple or just a couple, a healthy sex life is¬†necessary to keep moving your life smoothly. Every worthy thing in life not comes easy ‚Äď and this¬†applies for sex life too. No one else will come to spice up your sex life it is you who will have to take¬†initiative to make it better or even best.

What you need is simple and effective approach to get back your sex life.

Sex requires certain amount of focus. This focus will only come when you are comfortable with your partner. One of the best ways to be comfortable with your partner is to communicate. Talk to each other in every possible way. Share your routine life, likes, dislikes and also listen to your partner. This way you will get to know each other. Marriage is stiff; as we start our routine life fervor of marriage disappears. It can get back to normal by talking to each other only.

Try to do some unexpected thing

Once you start communicating, you know exactly what is going wrong in relationship. Little surprise can make a big difference to your life. Do some unplanned stuff like gift to each other. You can also gift undergarments. She might surprise you when you get back from work. It might sound strange but work. Go out to some place where you can spend some non-sexual time. Spending time with your partner without performing on bed is very effective way of bonding.

Sex should be spontaneous

Sex is not just having intercourse, involve in foreplay. Foreplay is important because it make sex gratifying and original. Do not plan sex in advance, it should be spontaneous. Do not do every time in same position as repetition of everything is boring.

Do some Exercise?

It will not only help your sexual life but your daily life. Running or walking will help you in maintain your blood circulation as well as build yours stamina. Yoga will also help as it makes your body flexible, it will help you in enjoying different position.

Consult sexologist 

Never hesitate in consulting good sexologist. They will help you in aforementioned work and also help you in getting rid of any sexual problem in case you are having like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Sexologist knows the problem from root.

Sexologist Consultation for after marriage sex life problems

It is known fact that passion in any relationship flow of gradually with time. We start seeing each other when we find some bonding. Two people connect and when they realize that they can happily spend their rest of life with each other marriages happens. When you are just love bird, you spend maximum time in fantasizing thing. You barely think about reality of married life or other stuff related to marriage. We completely forget that our relationship mettle is tested on daily basis. When we start living day after day same life then the real problem begin. In between if there is no sex for any reason, situation just aggravates. Sex is not just for pleasure; it helps you in maintaining relationship.

There might be many reasons behind lack of sexual desire. You are fed up with your relationship, your daily life has so much stress or you are facing some sexual problem. In all aforementioned case a good sexologist can help you. First thing you need to memorize marriage means compromise. If your relationship is not working, you can talk openly with them and share your problems. Sex is vice versa; feeling loved by your partner and showing love to your partner. Sexologist can help you in resolving issues, it’s obvious that they will not go and talk to your partner but they might guide you in dealing with marriage life problems and also with your daily work by which you are generating much stress.

In case you are having sexual problems like premature ejaculation, you don‚Äôt need to worry. There are homemade premature ejaculation medications. You can also do exercise which will help you in boosting your stamina. Running in morning if you don‚Äôt want to run you can walk briskly. It will be good if you take consultation of sexologist, they will help you in good way like by reaching to the root of problems. Never feel guilty if premature ejaculation occurs during sex. This disease is not serious but if you not look into this it might become serious and devastate your self-esteem. Don‚Äôt we all want to last as long as we can on bed? Before it is late consult a good sexologist who fixes the problem. As sex therapist Richard A. Carroll said ‚ÄúWe all are programmed to so‚ÄĚ.

Ayurvedic Solution for Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is commonly found in men. If refers to a condition in which man’s sex organ unable to get proper erection. Now days, no. of patients suffered from this disease is increased due to unhealthy life style and by using western culture. This problem affects man’s self-esteem and his sexual relationship. In case of temporary issue, no medicines are needed but if this is ongoing then medical intervention is needed to cure this problem .

There is no actual symptoms by which you can know you are about to suffer from erectile dysfunction until it happens. You just suffer from it. If it is happening once in while then it’s ok otherwise it is cause of concern. It can happen at any age. Elderly might face this very often. Relationship between couples relies on many things, sex is one of them. We can’t ignore the fact, how sex ignites romance and rejuvenates your life. To survive in this competitive world we come across many things which take a toll on our life. Anxiety, depression or hypertension come naturally so doe‚Äôs disease.

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem which is both psychological and physical. It has many types. It might be while having sex you does not erect but when you are masturbating you get an erection. This might be only because of psychological problem. Fear of performance on bed causes anxiety and it causes this. This type of people should talk a lot to their partner before trying for sex. This way they can get rid of their stress and do well in bed. If you are not getting erection under any circumstances then the cause is physical.

Root Causes of ED:
Heart disease
Old Age
high cholesterol
Use of drugs like alcohol, nicotine, cigarettes
Ayurvedic Treatment

People who are suffering from erectile dysfunction do not need to bear it in shame. Erectile dysfunction is curable. Best way to cure this disease is mixture of both psychological and herbal medicine. You would consider that sexologist who gives you a comfort zone where you can put your problems properly. As you know this problem is psychological too. Herbal medicine has very good results with fewer side effects or there are no aftereffects. Do remember don’t take any medicine without consulting a good sexologist. Protein, phosphorous and iron is the nutrition which you need most at this time which you get by herbal alternatives. To boost your low self-esteem, aphrodisiac effect is also given.Don’t just sit idle or be ignorant until it is late. Want to have a better sexual life, get a remedy of erectile dysfunction. Gone the days when talking about sex life was a taboo.

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Ashwagandha – An Ayurvedic remedy to boost sex power

“Ashwagandha” the word is taken from the indian origin i.e. Aswa meaning horse and gandha meaning smell. So, you can say Ashwagandha or the smell of a horse. As the name suggests, It makes you feel energetic like a horse. Ashwaganda or Withania Somnifera is used in almost all kinds of sex realted problems. This ayurvedic or herbal medicine not only helps in removing stress but also streghten immune system. The best part of this medicine is that it does not have any side-effects as we have in allopahtic drugs. It is not as much costly like our allopathic drugs and one can easily purchase it from nearby medical store or chemist shop. Most of the time, this herbal medicine is used as stress removal drug or weaker immune system which can cause a lot of diseaes like bacterial infection, herpis, viral infection, cancer etc.

Anyone can use this medicine with following Symptoms:

Lack of Energy
Lack of Concentration
Premature ejaculation
Stress or mental tensions
Lack of sperm count
Weak immune system
Night Fall Problems

Procedure to take Ashwagandha:

One can take one or two table spoon of this powder daily with milk or water. It would be better if you take this medicine before taking sleep as it will give you best results. Regular intake of this herbal medicine for two months will be starting to show results. If that is not helping much then u can mix it with Shatavari (another ayurvedic medicine) and take one spoon (mixture of both medicines) daily and results will definitely come within a week or two.

It would be good if you consult your doctor before taking this medicine as now days, most of the patients already used allopahtic drugs which can be harmful sometimes.

You can also consult to our team of sexologists at empireclinics via consultation form. For more details consult Dr. Satinder Singh from Empire Clinics or consult your physician before starting this drug as medicine.

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De addiction – Online Health Consultation

There is no doubt about the fact that modern lifestyle or western culture caused a lot of change in everybody’s life. Now days, all of us are running to fulfill our desires in short period of time. As much we fulfill our desires, more desires grow and the greed of fulfilling desires never ends. To fulfill such desires, we take help of addictive substances or habit forming substance like drug, alcohol , smoking , liquors etc. or some people take them as social status. All of us know about the ugly side of such addiction problems but still we can not control because everybody wants to become the part of cat race.

Ayurveda that should be an important topic to teach everybody is now obsolete and skipped from our minds due to the excessive advertisements by allopathic doctors or medicines given by them. Ayurveda uses a well defined approach to live a healthy life and tries to cure everything with little medicine’s use and even if they use medicines, they are herbal and has no effects on other parts of the body. Ayurveda has a lot ways to cure de addiction problems. Addiction can be of any type but in today’s world most of us are addicted to smoking, drinking, drugs or porn.

Following are the ways that Ayurveda uses to recover De addiction problems:

Panchakarma procedures:
As the name suggests, its a combination of five different procedures that are used to clean the body as per ayurveda rules. Anyone can take panchkarma therapy to relax his/her mind or body. It also helps a lot for de addiction problems.

Exercises :

As we all us know a common phrase from our school time i.e. “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man, healthy wealthy and wise”. Ayurveda follows the same rule for treatment of de addiction problems. Yoga is used for treatment of most of the diseases.

Balanced diet:

Usually, a vegetarian diet is suggested for all de addiction problems but you can consult to our doctor for your scheduled and balanced diet regarding your addiction issues.

Herbal Medicines:

Aswagandha, shatavari, aamla, lemon, honey, ginger, turmeric etc.

Empireclinics helped a lot of patients worldwide to resolve de addiction related problems. Anyone can consult our doctor who offers not only online consultation for de addiction problems but also can treat you physically through panchkarma procedures. Team of qualified doctors always there for all your de addiction remedies.

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Online Sexual Health Consultation

Fitness and Sexual Life: People are more aware about their fitness and sexual life in the cities as well as small towns. Everybody works hard and motivates his or her body to exercise regularly, walking , gyming , dieting but very less population is trying to cure their sexual problems. Even  well educated , high society people hesitate to discuss their sexual and casual fitness with any body. They are afraid of even discussing their sexual problems with their partners.


You just need to get out of your worries and depression and   talk to the right Sexologist/Sexspecialist. Problems like         Night fall, Early discharge(Premature ejaculation),Erectile   dysfunction(Erection problems),Nil or low sperm count,       loss of libido, Interest towards same sex are the common     sex problems.

Very rarely anybody knows that sexual Problems start           from our ill fit body, our bad eating habits, Bad personal       hygiene, malpractice of sex (Masturbation, multiple               sexual partners etc.), diseases such as Diabetes,                       Hypertension, Depression, traumatic Injury, Problems of     genitals by birth.

Firstly fitness is directly related to sexual life as a person is not fit physically he cannot enjoy his sexual life properly which can be improved by regular gyming, exercise, dieting, if overweight then by reducing the extra weight, if diabetic then following the diabetic diet and avoiding oily,fried ,sweet foods and contact the sexologist for the further cure of sexual problems.

Healthy diet helps you to keep you physically fit as well as sexually fit. A good sexologist will provide you with the diet chart for increasing your sexual power. This diet includes milk and milk products like Tofu, Soya milk, Boilled egg white , green vegetable salad and soups, sprouts Ayurvedic herbs like Amla,Musli, shatavari, Talamkhana etc. Diet to be avoided is non veg diet, fast food/junk food, alcohol ,smoking , tobacoo chewing .

For the proper diet chart according to your body and sexual problem can be given by your sexologist Doctor will advise you to exercise and follow the diet for your physique as well as sexual life. You just need to talk to Our Sexologist on call about your problem at our Empire Clinics available in Ambala City and you will get your solution after the consultation. Medicine, Diet chat and exercise regime will be sent to you at your doorstep if needed. Our Sexologist in Ambala is Dr. Satinder Singh. For female patients we have a team of Female doctors too.

We know, there is stigma attached to sexual problems. This is the reason we have come with an online sexual health consultation solution.  You can drop us mail us or can call us on these numbers.

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We respond to each client’s email or call within 24 hours.

We shall certainly help you.

We wish you a healthy Physical and sexual life.

Sexologist in Kurukshetra

While searching a good sexologist in your surrounding area you may find there is no option for the people living in Kurukshetra, Pehowa , Kaithal and Shahbad. This is a difficult time when a person is suffering from some problem and he or she is unable to find the good way to get rid of this problem. Same situation may happen with the patient suffering from Erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Low sperm count, Infertility or Any type of sex related problem. Sex problems are very common these days.

Many people hesitate to discuss their problem. If someone suffer from any type of sex problem, Then First of all he/she must not hesitate to discuss about their problem with a Sexologist Doctor or Sex specialist Doctor. If patient hesitate then he might

be in great trouble due to the problem. I know a patient who was suffering from the problem of low sperm count. Due to that he was unable to get a baby. He was suffering from this problem since one and half year. He got information about our clinics and came to our clinics. He told one thing that he was so shy to talk about this problem and this has become a big issue for his family. His shyness and hesitation about this issue caused a lot stress to him. I advice to people if anybody suffering from any type of sex problem then just go to sexologist doctor and get your treatment. It is very simple.

We at our Empire Clinics we provide online consultation via our website This is our website we have given a consultation form in our website where patient can fill all the details regarding his/her problem and send us. Our team of doctors check this form and sent reply to the patient on the same day. Empire Clinics are the chain of clinics. Our main clinic is situated in Ambala City. Our Address in Ambala City is Empire Clinics, Jalbera Road, Near Sector 10, Ambala City. Our Sexologist in Ambala is Dr. Satinder Singh. Patient from the surrounding area of Kurukshtra, Pehowa, Kaithal, Shahabad etc. can come to our clinic in Ambala. Here patient can come to clinic for examination. While finding Sexologist in Kurukshetra if patient is unable to find a satisfactory result. Then there is nothing to worry. You have now an option to get treatment via Empire Clinics. This is a well known name in the treatment of Sex Problems.

We provide online chat facility with our Sexspecialist doctor and Sexologist Doctor. Patient can chat via gmail at our address, via our website through online consultation form  Form, you can skype us also. You can whats app also at 9416534999. You can contact Empire Clinics by any method .

These are all communication methods we use to give best services to our patient. Our team of Doctors is always ready to serve our society by best efforts. Our Sexologist in Ambala is Dr. Satinder Singh. We provide free call facility to our patients. For that just SMS or whats app you Name number and age and problem to our helpline number +91 9416534999.

Penis enlargement treatment by ayurvedic medicine

Small penis is a real cause of guilt in most of the men these days. These men are unable to satisfy their partner and in result they are not happy in relationships and suffer from a feeling of shame or guilt . These types of the patients are shy to share their problem with anybody. But nowadays,treatment is available and penis can be enlarged. Patients have to go to a Sexologist / Sex specialist who will do the thorough examination and inspection. He will check every aspect related to his disorder and will take proper history. Sometimes, patient will have to go through all the basic blood test and some radio logical examination to get the proper diagnosis.

Doctor will diagnose your trouble and will start the treatment .Patient with this problem always remain in stress. Stress is harmful for the patient. His condition deteriorates day by day. This state of mind is not good for the patients. The cause of your problem can have many reasons like excess masturbation, misuse of drugs or overdose of drugs, Use of inappropriate drugs etc. These are few possible reasons behind this problem.

If someone has this problem he should never hesitate to discuss his problem with sexologist. He should have treatment from a qualified doctor. We provide Ayurvedic treatment for the Penis Enlargement. This treatment is available at our Empire Clinics. Any patient can avail this service via internet also. We provide online consultancy . Patient can talk to our doctors about their problem via email, chat,Skype , Whats app or via phone. All these facility is available with us. There is no need to come to clinic Our Skype ID is Skype/satinderbams.

Ayurveda ‚Äď Traditional Approach of Treating Disease

As we know Ayurveda is an ancient approach of treatment for ailments. Ayurveda is natural and spiritual approach for well-being of individual. Its approach of treatment is not confined to disease but its spirituality help people in getting rid of fear caused by disease. In simple word you can say it is not disease which is cured by Ayurveda but root of disease as well as people get cured by Ayurveda. Once your symptom of illness is clear, and as you starts taking ayurvedic medication. It attempts to bring balance between your bodies and assures rejuvenation of mind and soul.

There is an old proverb ‚Äúprevention is always better than cure‚ÄĚ. These words completely fit with Ayurveda. If you are following an ayurvedic life style you have better chances of preventing any disease from happening rather getting worried about its cure. So following ayurvedic life style can help you in many ways.¬†As I mentioned in above paragraph lastly it is your mind which is rejuvenated as well as soul. It‚Äôs not just about disease it‚Äôs you which get cured while following Ayurveda. There is innumerable disease for which Ayurvedic medication has been proven good.

Disease like baldness, impotence, acne, leucorrhoea, piles, constipation and many others has proven record of getting treated by medication. The best way to accurately determine which herbal medicine will help you is to consult Ayurvedic Doctor. These medicine provide concise regimen to increase health and of your mind and body in natural way. Ayurveda can be journey to perfect health by merely making few adjustments in your daily life. It is a way of life not just old ancient medical science.

Ayurvedic Tips for Penis Enlargement

We are thankful to God that he has given us Ayurvedic Medicines. Since Ayurvedic Medicine gaining popularity day by day . This is only system of medicine which can provide treatment of any sort of sexual disorder without any side effect. If a patient go for the treatment of his short size of penis in the allopathic system of medicine then after giving so much time and money on the lot of investigation does not got the satisfactory result.

One thing more some patients are actually suffering from the Erectile Dysfunction but they did not know exactly. They think this is due to shortness of size of penis. This made a difficult situation for them. Some patients fears in accepting them to be suffering from this problem. Due to this they did not get the proper treatment. Most of the patients hesitate to discuss their problem. They need the treatment of erectile dysfunction and short size both.

Normally any size near about 6.5 inches can be asked normal size of the penis. Size problem only comes when there is lack of satisfaction. Satisfaction of the partner is the most urgent. Some people are bothered about the size of penis. Some people feel that their size is small. Some people think that small penis can have negative effect on sexual performance.

One should be happy with that what he has. If he still feels that the sixe is small than he can go for the Ayurvedic treatment with the help of Ayuvedic oils. Kegel exercise works well in increasing size of the penis. We provide oil that is best for the size. Regular massage of this oil gives eye opening benefits. If the patient is indulged in bad sex practice then he is advised to avoid it and keep using medicine. This is always beneficial for the patient.

Ayurvedic medicine is best at the rejuvenation. Rasayana and vajikarna are the best part for the sex problems. When patient got sexual weakness then patient is treated with vajikarna and rasayana therapy. These therapies give a new life to the patient. Patient got solution of his long lasting problem here. We have diagnosed so many patients and treated them successfully.

Our Sexologist in Ambala Dr. Satinder Singh is providing solution for all types of Infertility Problems,sex problems of males and females . For female patients we are having Female Sexologist Dr. Sukhbir Kaur. She gives treatment to all female patients. For Female patients Our Contact number is 09467015252. Patients can book their appointment on this number.Our Helpline number of Empire Clinics is 9416534999.