Tips to Boost Sex Life

Trick for enjoying passionate sex for lifetime.

Sex which is combined of love, sensuality and passion is only satisfying to anyone. It fills your life with happiness otherwise despite having physical intimacy you dissipate from your partner unknowingly. We all dream of falling in love getting married and have gratifying sex for entire life. But we end up having rotten sex life which never gives us elation rather irritate. After marriage, sex falls to some certain degree once honeymoon is over. When we can have passionate sex for lifetime, we just sideline it. We all know it’s very well sex is not only fun, it connects to your partner physically and emotionally at some level.

Share feeling to each other

Key to a successful relationship is communication. You are in a good relationship as much as you both communicate to each other. Communication helps you in sharing your feeling, this way you get to know your partner. You know what turns her on similarly she also knows about you. If you are really communicating well it will also help you in getting rid of performance anxiety. Performance anxiety is one major distracter in passionate sex. This is one of male sexual psychological disorder where you keep thinking about how long you going to last which is completely unnecessary. If performance anxiety is not getting away from enjoying your sexual life it will be good if you consult a good sexologist.

Spice things up in your bedroom

Time to time changing ambiance of your bedroom is necessary. It will keep you lively and always push you to do some new thing with your partner. Changing position help a lot, do something which is not a bedroom routine activity. Never hesitate in surprising your partner. Remember repetition of any kind of thing is boring. Light up your bedroom in a way which creates an atmosphere for great sex. Indulge yourself in foreplay, it will help you in forgetting thing and will mood you up for sex. In case you don’t know much about sex position you can surf internet or buy book about sexual positions.

Security and appreciation

Security and appreciation is necessary. Your partner needs to be feel secured, everybody want someone who is trusted and dependable. Relationship can’t last long without sense of belonging. At the same time appreciation is essential for any relationship. Once you appreciate each other’s work it automatically shows you care for each other. Tell your lover why you adore.

Consult sexologist 

Never hesitate in consulting good sexologist. They will help you in aforementioned work and also help you in getting rid of any sexual problem in case you are having like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Sexologist knows the problem from root.

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Erectile Dysfunction in Young men and its treatment

Sexual disorders among men and women have become common now. Many reasons are behind such disorder. But with proper medication with procedure sexual disorder can be fixed. Erectile dysfunction is one of major sexual disorder among men. Earlier it was prevalent among older men but now younger men are also facing this issue. If it is occurring to you very frequent then it is a serious cause of concern.

Psychical and Psychological Both causes erectile dysfunction

Health problems can also cause erectile dysfunction. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are health related problem which causes erectile dysfunction. While having sex our body pumps up and blood start circulating, both mentioned disease can damage blood vessels. Obesity is one of reason behind diabetes, so overweight young men should be wary about this. There is nothing wrong in losing some excess kilo. It is pretty understood that when it comes to discussing sexual problem we feel embarrassed but a conversation with sexologist can lead to a proper diagnosis and treatment. Otherwise ED will lead to another health disease.

Stress and depression is the main psychological problem which causes ED. Stress about family, job, money and any other concern can lead to ED. Being in stress for long time causes depression. You can think on your own how bad depression can aggravate your ED problem. Treating depression is remedy of ED as well as it benefits you in thinking clearly. Good sex is directly proportional to good communication to your partner. Relationship problems occur when you don’t have healthy communication with your partner it causes ED too.

Get rid of Erectile Dysfunction by changing your lifestyle

What you do in between, the time you leave your bed in morning till you go to bed for sleep in night decides your lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean how good clothes you wear it is what you eat, or you do for keeping yourself fit. Healthier eating, exercise and weight loss can bring down the problem. There is a warning for those especially youngster who are in body building never use steroid for muscle mass, by this you are at higher risk for erectile dysfunction. Any bad addiction like cigarettes, alcohol or any ecstasy thing harm so better you avoid. There are many de addiction program are which you should consider.

Are you living a healthy sex life?

There are certain topics which have different meaning to different people, sex also fall in that category. We all mean different when it comes to healthy sex life. We consider sex as lust, fun and as act of love. Physical intimacy is not just about penetration and orgasm all the time. If you are in relationship and actually care about sex then it is like emotionally evolving with your partner. Where you care about each other, you understand each other. It builds strong foundation and you know this is necessary for any relationship. How well you communicate to each other clearly decides how good your relationship is and ultimately decides about your sex life too.

Benefits of living healthy sex life from health point of view.

Sex reduces risk of heart disease. There are many way to raise your heart rate sex is also one of them. Sex helps keep your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance. Both are necessary for keeping your heart rate balance. Either of them is low you might suffer from heart disease. Study has shown people having sex more often are less likely to die of heart disease. During orgasm body release “oxytocin” which reduces stresses and lower blood pressure. I don’t think I need to tell what lower blood pressure causes. The whole point of saying this is there are sexual disorders in men as well as in women. If you are wary about your disorder it is not late. You should consult a sex specialist.

How sex helps in living your daily life with equanimity?

Living a daily life is also not easy. You have a lot of thing to take care of in this routine life. Either it is family or your daily job pressure not a single thing is easy in life. Here comes sex handy, it helps you in refreshing your mood. You have to admit it how it helps in boosting your self-esteem. It gives you gratification where for a while you forget everything from your surroundings. What you need for a better sex life is just relax. Sometimes the best sex happens when you’re not worrying about making it erotic or orgasmic.

Dr. Satinder is good sexologist having more than 5 year of experience in this field. He has helped many couple during these years. He will not only help you in coming out of sexual problems but will help you mentally to live a healthy sex life.

Practice Ayurveda for treating sexual problems

We talk openly about any health problems but when it comes to sexual problems we feel it is completely private. Sexual problems are like any other health issues which need to be addressed properly. It’s not only male suffer from sexual problems but female too. Major sexual problems among men are premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, nocturnal emission and sexual depression or fear. When it comes to women problems are of lack of orgasm, loss of libido and dryness of vagina during intercourse. In all aforementioned problems you need to consult a professional sexologist for remedy and if your consulted sexologist is medicating you with Ayurveda it is like icing on the cake.

You all know Ayurveda is not a new term it is an ancient science. Ayurveda not only heal the disease but also teaches us to live a healthy life style which further helps in living happily. In other medication your health is only treated with Ayurveda you not only get rid of your problem but it soothes you. Ayurveda is not just an observatory science, it is herbal science. It has procedure which must be followed properly for proper remedy. There are thousands of herbs known to Ayurveda. All herbs have different feature and work on different disease like Ashwagandha is for boosting sexual power.

How sexologists with Ayurveda experience are good for sexual problems?

Ayurveda not only treat you but heals you as it goes to the root of problem. Sexual problems are more psychological than physical. Sometime physical issue also causes sexual problems. In both cases Ayurveda medication fit well. Maximum time sexual problems occur only due to mental health. Male sexual problem like premature ejaculation, most of the time it occur, when you are worried about performance on bed. Somewhere in our mind we keep thinking about how long we are going to last in between if we ejaculate early, it causes further frustration. Peer pressure is also one of factor of sexual problems as now a day we talk about our sex life with our colleague. Without knowing the fact we start believing in their words. Here comes the Ayurveda which actually heals you mentally and gives you an inner peace. Sexologists who have experience in Ayurveda are good for sexual problems. They know where your problems lie.

Why sex is necessary for a successful marriage?

Marriage is one of beautiful thing in anyone’s life till you taste the ugly part. No doubt it is stiff. As I said it is stiff, then the question arise what makes it stiff. You know very well, you are no freer to do things on your own. After marriage you are not all on your own, you have someone to take care of. Your partner’s life depend on you so, each decision you take matter. You can’t leave anything just like that. Life has responsibility with marriage it is added. Life can’t be same after marriage as it used to be. No regular party, no late night fun because there is someone waiting for you way back home.

Just like coin (which has two sides), there are good parts of marriage too. You are no longer alone, you have someone to talk. You can talk freely on anything in this world. As you start communicating with your partner you start sharing thing. You start building an emotional connect which is necessary for this long life. Life is journey, like any other journey it has destination. In this long journey we all need a company which your partner will provide you. Don’t forget the best part “Sex”. Sex you can have any time and of course may times. Sex is necessary for successful marriage.

Your sex life directly impacts your marriage. Both are directly proportional to each other. We can’t ignore the fact that it rekindle and rejuvenate you. Lack of intimacy will further create problem. There might be chances where both of you start disrespecting each other needs. Apart from sex there are other things too which is necessary for a healthy relationship but it is not denial how much it help in connecting emotionally. In case you are not able to have good sex life because of any sexual problems, this is the time to consult a good sexologist. Sexologist will not only help you in getting rid of sexual disease like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction but will also help you in getting back your lost sexual desire.

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Penis Enlargement and its myths

How much size matter when you truly love someone? Is Size of penis bothering you then you are not alone to having such thought. There are many men who are not happy with their length and girth. To get a bigger penis is big concern for many men than performance in bed. They consider big penis is going to solve their sexual performance problem, but it is not so.

First thing you need to know that women are more concerned about the partner they are with than the dimension of their partner penis. You can’t deny some of them find thick and long penis more pleasurable than smaller one. What difference does penis size makes while having intercourse? Penis size does not make all the difference; it does to some extent for some women. When it comes to sex more than size a woman will want.

Performance Matter most

Sex is all performance, it is a two way street where pleasure should be available to both. A man who knows how to give her pleasure more than one way, to give her an orgasm is the man. Women can have orgasm by multiple ways. You have to find what’s turn your partner on. What makes her to reach an orgasm? Do not ejaculate too quickly, pays attention to what is making her happy. If you are ejaculating quickly, it might be due to premature ejaculation one of sexual problems. Before you start penetration give much time on foreplay. It will be good if you ask her when to start or keep changing position to spice up your sex life.

Only problem with penis size is the lack of self-esteem that comes along with. Smaller penis does ruin your self-pride and when you are low on confidence, it becomes difficult to perform. Women feel more attracted to men with confidence and self-esteem. In this scenario you can consider of penis enlargement, but remember this is not the last option. Before you opt for penis enlargement, you can consult sexologist which will help you in every possible way.

There are herbal medicines which are good to take. Don’t take any medication without consulting a sexologist. Sexologist with psychology experience will help you in this case. As you know this problem is more mental than physical.

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Tips to boost your sexual health

Never compare your sex life with other couple remember you are together because there was some connection which might be slackening. Each relationship is unique in its own way. At some point in life, there will be a time when sex will become unexciting. Spark goes missing from one’s partner. Here problem start between couples. Either you are married couple or just a couple, a healthy sex life is necessary to keep moving your life smoothly. Every worthy thing in life not comes easy – and this applies for sex life too. No one else will come to spice up your sex life it is you who will have to take initiative to make it better or even best.

What you need is simple and effective approach to get back your sex life.

Sex requires certain amount of focus. This focus will only come when you are comfortable with your partner. One of the best ways to be comfortable with your partner is to communicate. Talk to each other in every possible way. Share your routine life, likes, dislikes and also listen to your partner. This way you will get to know each other. Marriage is stiff; as we start our routine life fervor of marriage disappears. It can get back to normal by talking to each other only.

Try to do some unexpected thing

Once you start communicating, you know exactly what is going wrong in relationship. Little surprise can make a big difference to your life. Do some unplanned stuff like gift to each other. You can also gift undergarments. She might surprise you when you get back from work. It might sound strange but work. Go out to some place where you can spend some non-sexual time. Spending time with your partner without performing on bed is very effective way of bonding.

Sex should be spontaneous

Sex is not just having intercourse, involve in foreplay. Foreplay is important because it make sex gratifying and original. Do not plan sex in advance, it should be spontaneous. Do not do every time in same position as repetition of everything is boring.

Do some Exercise?

It will not only help your sexual life but your daily life. Running or walking will help you in maintain your blood circulation as well as build yours stamina. Yoga will also help as it makes your body flexible, it will help you in enjoying different position.

Consult sexologist 

Never hesitate in consulting good sexologist. They will help you in aforementioned work and also help you in getting rid of any sexual problem in case you are having like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Sexologist knows the problem from root.

Sexologist Consultation for after marriage sex life problems

It is known fact that passion in any relationship flow of gradually with time. We start seeing each other when we find some bonding. Two people connect and when they realize that they can happily spend their rest of life with each other marriages happens. When you are just love bird, you spend maximum time in fantasizing thing. You barely think about reality of married life or other stuff related to marriage. We completely forget that our relationship mettle is tested on daily basis. When we start living day after day same life then the real problem begin. In between if there is no sex for any reason, situation just aggravates. Sex is not just for pleasure; it helps you in maintaining relationship.

There might be many reasons behind lack of sexual desire. You are fed up with your relationship, your daily life has so much stress or you are facing some sexual problem. In all aforementioned case a good sexologist can help you. First thing you need to memorize marriage means compromise. If your relationship is not working, you can talk openly with them and share your problems. Sex is vice versa; feeling loved by your partner and showing love to your partner. Sexologist can help you in resolving issues, it’s obvious that they will not go and talk to your partner but they might guide you in dealing with marriage life problems and also with your daily work by which you are generating much stress.

In case you are having sexual problems like premature ejaculation, you don’t need to worry. There are homemade premature ejaculation medications. You can also do exercise which will help you in boosting your stamina. Running in morning if you don’t want to run you can walk briskly. It will be good if you take consultation of sexologist, they will help you in good way like by reaching to the root of problems. Never feel guilty if premature ejaculation occurs during sex. This disease is not serious but if you not look into this it might become serious and devastate your self-esteem. Don’t we all want to last as long as we can on bed? Before it is late consult a good sexologist who fixes the problem. As sex therapist Richard A. Carroll said “We all are programmed to so”.

Ayurvedic Solution for Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is commonly found in men. If refers to a condition in which man’s sex organ unable to get proper erection. Now days, no. of patients suffered from this disease is increased due to unhealthy life style and by using western culture. This problem affects man’s self-esteem and his sexual relationship. In case of temporary issue, no medicines are needed but if this is ongoing then medical intervention is needed to cure this problem .

There is no actual symptoms by which you can know you are about to suffer from erectile dysfunction until it happens. You just suffer from it. If it is happening once in while then it’s ok otherwise it is cause of concern. It can happen at any age. Elderly might face this very often. Relationship between couples relies on many things, sex is one of them. We can’t ignore the fact, how sex ignites romance and rejuvenates your life. To survive in this competitive world we come across many things which take a toll on our life. Anxiety, depression or hypertension come naturally so doe’s disease.

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem which is both psychological and physical. It has many types. It might be while having sex you does not erect but when you are masturbating you get an erection. This might be only because of psychological problem. Fear of performance on bed causes anxiety and it causes this. This type of people should talk a lot to their partner before trying for sex. This way they can get rid of their stress and do well in bed. If you are not getting erection under any circumstances then the cause is physical.

Root Causes of ED:
Heart disease
Old Age
high cholesterol
Use of drugs like alcohol, nicotine, cigarettes
Ayurvedic Treatment

People who are suffering from erectile dysfunction do not need to bear it in shame. Erectile dysfunction is curable. Best way to cure this disease is mixture of both psychological and herbal medicine. You would consider that sexologist who gives you a comfort zone where you can put your problems properly. As you know this problem is psychological too. Herbal medicine has very good results with fewer side effects or there are no aftereffects. Do remember don’t take any medicine without consulting a good sexologist. Protein, phosphorous and iron is the nutrition which you need most at this time which you get by herbal alternatives. To boost your low self-esteem, aphrodisiac effect is also given.Don’t just sit idle or be ignorant until it is late. Want to have a better sexual life, get a remedy of erectile dysfunction. Gone the days when talking about sex life was a taboo.

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Ashwagandha – An Ayurvedic remedy to boost sex power

“Ashwagandha” the word is taken from the indian origin i.e. Aswa meaning horse and gandha meaning smell. So, you can say Ashwagandha or the smell of a horse. As the name suggests, It makes you feel energetic like a horse. Ashwaganda or Withania Somnifera is used in almost all kinds of sex realted problems. This ayurvedic or herbal medicine not only helps in removing stress but also streghten immune system. The best part of this medicine is that it does not have any side-effects as we have in allopahtic drugs. It is not as much costly like our allopathic drugs and one can easily purchase it from nearby medical store or chemist shop. Most of the time, this herbal medicine is used as stress removal drug or weaker immune system which can cause a lot of diseaes like bacterial infection, herpis, viral infection, cancer etc.

Anyone can use this medicine with following Symptoms:

Lack of Energy
Lack of Concentration
Premature ejaculation
Stress or mental tensions
Lack of sperm count
Weak immune system
Night Fall Problems

Procedure to take Ashwagandha:

One can take one or two table spoon of this powder daily with milk or water. It would be better if you take this medicine before taking sleep as it will give you best results. Regular intake of this herbal medicine for two months will be starting to show results. If that is not helping much then u can mix it with Shatavari (another ayurvedic medicine) and take one spoon (mixture of both medicines) daily and results will definitely come within a week or two.

It would be good if you consult your doctor before taking this medicine as now days, most of the patients already used allopahtic drugs which can be harmful sometimes.

You can also consult to our team of sexologists at empireclinics via consultation form. For more details consult Dr. Satinder Singh from Empire Clinics or consult your physician before starting this drug as medicine.

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