Tips to judge your Sexual Stamina

Now days, sex education is available to everybody via internet or books. People wonder about their sexual stamina. People are more educated and more modern, so they are more alert for their general as well as sexual health. Male or female anybody can go through sexual problems of any kind at anytime of life. Weather young or adult, everybody wants to know if their sexual stamina is sufficient or not, are they able to satisfy their partner or not. Gone the time, when people used to shy to talk about their sexual life with anybody, not even doctor. People look out for a sexologist to make their sexual life healthy. People are more aware now that their sexual health is also as much important as general health.

Sexual Health is as important as your general health. It is not difficult to deal with this issue with the help of proper  investigations and examination. This can be checked by examination of patient by sexologist. Examination by sexologist includes complete history of the patient, the Sexual problems or symptoms he/she is suffering from. Male problems like night fall, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Dhat Syndrome, Low or nil sperm count, Infertility problems, Gupt rog, Penile Infections, UTI etc.

Female problems like loss of libido , Infertility problems, Generalized body weakness, leucorrhea, Candidial, Trichomonal, mixed vaginal infections, Dyspareunia etc. Investigations include Semen Analysis, Serum testosterone level, Penile Doppler, thyroid profile, CBC of the male patient.

First line of treatment in male infertility is Semen Analysis. Semen analysis report is very helpful a patient for any sort of Infertility problems. Normal Sperm count is equal to or above 20milllion.
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10 Tips to Find a good Sexologist Doctor

To find a good regular doctor is not an easy task now days. However, finding a good Sexologist doctor may be even more challenging than finding a regular doctor. These tips below should definately help you the process of finding a good qualified Sexologist doctor to help with your current medical condition and then a good treatment you can have with him.

1) The Sexologist doctor should have you fill out a health survey. This should be about the same as when you go to a MD doctor office.

2) The Sexologist doctor should ideally have a MD degree and graduation in ayurveda. They specialize in ayurvedic medicine, as ayurveda has its branches of Rasayana and Vajikarna. Rasayana and Vajikarna are the part of sexology..

3) The Sexologist doctor should tell you what about the all Dos and don’ts during your treatment and after your treatment, it is the main part in ayurvedic treatment of any sort of sex problems. In this therapy anupana is also very important for the successful treatment.

4) Check to see the doctor has a website. Most reputable doctors would have a website with testimonials and downloaded forms.

5) The intial meeting should last about 45minutes to find out a treatment plan. If the initial meeting is too short, you may not be meeting a qualified Sexologist to treat your condition. Treatment plans may vary according to the medical condition.

6) The Sexologist should also be prescribing constitutional remedies not just Rasayans(Rejuvination) and Vajikarna(Sexology)and remedies for your acute or chronic condition or premature ejaculation treatment. Constitutional remedies are used to help heal your body and mind back to normal regardless of your condition.

7) Sexologist Homeopathic doctor should not be telling you to stop your current prescription based medication. This can be dangerous for the patient. Only your own MD doctor should tell you not to take prescription medicine.

8)The Sexologist should work closely with your current doctor if the case is chronic. Chronic cases require everyone to work together to find a solution. The Sexologist should work closely with your doctor so both may come up with a plan to treat you beneficially.

9) Make sure there are no claims or lawsuits impending against the Sexologist doctor.

10) Use these set of questions before you start treatment below.

Questions to ask the practitioner

a. Are you qualified to give medical advice?

b. Can you give me examples of patients you have treated and what their recovery was like with Sexologist?

c. About how long will the initial consultation last?

d. How long will I need to continue ayurvedic vajikarna therapy(Sexologist) treatments?

e. How will I know that a vajikarna(Sexologist) remedy is working?

f. How often will I need to take a dose of the remedy?

g. Will I experience any side effects or worsening of symptoms from taking ayurvedic?

h. Why is it necessary to spend so much time asking me about so many unrelated aspects of my habits and health?

i. How much does a session cost?

j. About how many follow-up treatments do you anticipate I will need to treat my particular symptoms?

k. Is this treatment covered by medical insurance?

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